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28 March 2011

Oh, my!!

 Well, I took Sunday off from blogging, and it was good.  I was still exhausted from the yard sale on Saturday.  I'm still a bit tired today, so while the baby is napping, I turned on Netflix.  I decided to watch something I'd been wanting to see for awhile. I had put it off for some reason, and now I think I know why. I didn't want to face reality. I chose to watch the documentary "Super Size Me."  I've heard about it for several years but never had an opportunity to watch it. Quite frankly, I thought the guy, Morgan Spurlock, was crazy. Why in the world would he eat only McDonalds food for 30 days.  I basically thought it was stupid and pointless - until I actually watched it.  This movie was so believable and real that it was horrifying!  The things I saw were things I knew, deep down, but refused to acknowledge.  I don't eat fast food much, but sometimes I do, but it was mostly for budget purposed that I refrained.  I will choose other food options now for entirely different reasons.  I believe I'll also remove the McDonald's toy cash register and plastic hamburger from my chidlren's collect right now. I wholeheartedly support healthy eating and exercise and moderation, but I never fully understood the reality of the fast food and processed "food" issue, until now.

 Please, check this movie out - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390521/  - you won't be sorry!  Or, maybe you will be sorry to know the truth, but I want to be around for awhile, don't you???? Aren't our kids worth it!

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  1. Larry and I watched this a few years ago, and while I'd like to say it had a profound, immediate impact, it really didn't. However, over the past few years we have really tried eating healthier. And over the past few months, we have given up eating fast food almost completely! While it is mostly because of our new, stricter budget (we are doing Dave Ramsey), it has really made a difference in our eating habits as well. My family is always on the go and it is often impossible for us to eat at home. Now, we just pack sandwiches, fruit, and chips, along with a little treat for dessert and we are good to go. We take our water bottles everywhere now too. It was a little embarrassing at first to unload our full picnic meals at ballgames and practices, but now we are used to it and actually look forward to it. I highly recommend cheap and healthy sandwiches over expensive and bad-for-you fast food burgers any day! Thanks for posting this, Elizabeth. I think we will try to watch it again to keep us motivated. :o)

    P.S. In case you read this, then see me at McDonald's this week, our school is having a fundraiser there on Thursday. The teachers do the counter service, and our school gets a portion of the profits for that evening. We haven't had McDonald's since before Christmas, so the kids are excited, and I must admit, so am I. LOL! We'll be back to our picnic dinners next week. :o)