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God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16

About Me

Me and my sweety at a baseball game
Hello, my name is Elizabeth Bailey. I am, first, a daughter of the King, Jesus Christ.  I strive each day to know Him more and be more like Him. In addition,  I am the creator of this blog, and one of the authors. I am an at-home wife to Dan,  and mother of three boys - Caleb, Joshua, and Seth.  We also recently decided to embark on the homeschool journey this year too.  So, now every day we do "Bailey School" with a six-year old and a two-year old.  It is an ever changing adventure.  I am also the leader of a "Big Losers" group at my church.  This is one of my passions, since I lost weight and gained a new life in 2006, by the grace of God; leading the group helps keep me accountable and gives me the ability to share what I'm learning. Here at the Bailey house, I am the wife, lover, mother, teacher, cook, maid, secretary, financial secretary, nurse, chauffer, laundress, and so many more things. I wear sooo many hats that I get worn out.  So, I actually thought this blog would be a way to improve my journey.... A journey with the Creator and with others.  I also need a bit of a creative outlet sometimes, since my life feels like it mostly consists of dishes and laundry.  I am a words girl, so a blog it is.  Please participate with me!  I am new to blogging and will keep learning more as I go. May God bless your journey and mine!
Seth (L) and Joshua at the baseball game
Joshua (L), Caleb, and Seth -
Joshua is hiding,
he NEVER wants his picture taken

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